Blog Roll Call

Here you can find the blogs that I follow and why I like them. Take a gander and enjoy some of my friends (← I don’t really know them…but I feel like I do because I have been reading their sites for a long time).

PB Fingers – Meet Julie, a sweet east coaster who has a growing family and a love of dogs – particularly her dog. She posts about her workouts, nutrition and travels.

The Fitnessista – Meet Gina, author, fitness instructor, mother and lifestyle blogger. Gina has introduced me to acai bowls and barre – my new favorite fitness activity.

Running for Cupcakes – Katie is a Doctor in the mid-west who teaches Body Pump in her spare time (There is hope for spare time for after I graduate!!!). She chronicles a few times per week her ins and outs of life.

Run Eat Repeat – Monica is a HOOT! She cracks me up. She loves donuts and iced coffee. The keys to my heart. Any time you want donuts Monica…I will meet you there. Monica is a marathon runner and she blogs about her balance between her previously mentioned addictions.

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