My first change, and it’s a simple one

Plastic, plastic, plastic! it’s everywhere. I know the fantastic Blue Planet 2 series has brought home how damaging plastic can be to the environment and hopefully will start to focus peoples attention on the damage that can be caused in the world by plastic waste.

As a busy parent, my best intentions never seem to materialize as the hustle and bustle of life stops us always making the best decisions, in regards to reducing how much plastic we use. Looking at ways of reducing plastic use in our household online led to a sense of overwhelm and where to start?

Now I know many people will think, heck how hard can it be to follow some simple steps to reduce plastic use? Well, this may be true, but I also think that this probably isn’t a high priority in many peoples lives. We are all busy and it’s easy for us to neglect our best intentions.

So my first mission is easy, I am stopping using plastic food wrap. Simple!

I often am making sandwiches for my children lunchboxes and a sandwich for myself to take to work in the morning and have always instinctively used food wrap to wrap them up in. Why? It got me thinking, how much of this stuff is used in the world?

Well single-use plastic film, including food wrap makes up roughly half the plastic waste generated in the UK alone and as many authorities do not currently recycle this type of plastic, most of this will end up in landfill!

Such a simple change could make a big difference in the world if everyone adopted not using food wrap where ever possible.

So how can we avoid using it?

Food Leftovers

I am as guilty as anyone in reaching for the food wrap when covering a bowl of leftover chicken curry and sticking it in the fridge. The solution is so simple, stick it in a covered dish or stick a suitably sized plate on top or alternatively dig out a suitably sized plastic food storage container from the back of the cupboard ( trying to avoid the avalanche of unsuitable sized containers spilling out after it!).

Reheating leftovers in the microwave

Nothing worse than hearing the pop! coming from the microwave as you reheat last nights leftover spag bole on an uncovered dish. The results can be gruesome, which why covering the offending item in food wrap used to be my choice before changing to using an upturned plate to cover! simple.

Wrapping the sandwiches

Well, there are a few options here, I have started to use any suitably sized plastic tub, reusing any icecream tubs where possible to avoid having to throw them away. The other option is to wrap them in a different medium, such as reusable beeswax clothes or their vegan alternatives (I have yet to try these tho, so cannot comment on them).

I hope this post has an impact on you to make this simple change and if anyone has further comments good or bad please post them up, especially if you can contribute useful tips on any of the above!