Newsies – Round 2

Job. Done. Learned a little, made some money….but overall, not worth it.

Study for boards. Never Done. Only 3 more weeks. Yikes. Prayers would be appreciated as I prepare for this 3 day exam! So much to cover and only 21 more days to cover it in!


Herbs and their Common Names

Drinking all the coffee. Always. Still adding collagen peptides and almond milk. IMG_4039

Cleaning up after the pups. Never done. We now have 4 dogs (yes 4!) in the house, while Mark’s brother and brother’s wife live with us for the next few months. There is always dog hair on everything. I think it is a subtle reminder that I can’t clean all the time and that I am NOT IN CONTROL. Although, one time I did try to be in control and shaved one of the dogs, he wasn’t thrilled with me, and it didn’t solve the problem.

Vacation is less than 100 days away. Soon I will be relaxing and enjoying European chocolate, sleeping in every day without dogs to wake me and reading on my balcony. It will be a nice chance to have someone else cook and clean for me, and just to relax.

That’s all for now. I will have a few other drafts of posts that I am working on, but I likely won’t release them until after boards are over. Sorry. I have done enough procrastinating for a lifetime over this test!


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