Here we go! Ready for more updates?

I got a job. I was hired last week as a Medical Assistant at a clinic last week. The position is just temporary, as I am covering for a wonderful lady while she is going out on maternity leave. I am going to have some big shoes to fill. She is amazing at her job and a rock star with patients. It has been a difficult transition emotionally, going from ‘doctor’ to ‘assistant’ but I am glad I get to work with the patient population I am serving. There are some very broken people at my work and it has been a blessing to pray for them every morning.

I am going to Chicago. My parents moved to a suburb outside of chicago last December. I am going to visit my mom for mother’s day weekend and to sleep and eat popcorn. She said she would…no…promised she would take me to the Orville Redenbacher popcorn factory. I love popcorn, even though It. Doesn’t. Love. Me. Does anyone else remember these commercials?

Giving up Grains. I have had a lot of GI issues, which I am slowly figuring out. Last month I gave up grains (and sugar) for 30 days. My GI health improved significantly. After my trip to popcorn heaven next week, I am going to cut them out of my diet again and look forward to seeing some improvements again.

Elimination Diets. Arguably, one of the most difficult things I have coached patients on. Elimination diets are used as a tool to evaluate for food sensitivities and can be one of the more difficult things a doctor asks a patient to embark on. Frequently, an elimination diet is completed over a 4-6 week period of time, and the 8 most common allergens are removed. Elimination diets are difficult, and the best thing you can do, participating in one, or guiding a patient in one, is to start of by gathering resources. Against All Grain is one of my favorite cookbook. Danielle provides many delicious looking recipes, that are grain and dairy free, two of the more common allergens.

So….those are some of the main things happening in my world. My trip is a little later this week, and as I am kind of limited in what I can eat, I will do a short post on my travel tips for gluten and dairy free options, as well as how I stay hydrated and caffeinated for a long day of travel….HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!


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