Wow. That was another long break. I thought we were done with those. There has been a lot going on, so I am going to spend today catching you up.


Her name is Molly and I am in love. I got her from a shelter and she is about 5 months old now. I was told she was a corgi mix, but I am not buying it. She is definitely part terrier and part chihuahua. The rest, I am not so sure about. She is just too tall for corgi. She is the new princess in the house, taking toys from her big brother and not coming when she is called. In case you were trying to do some math, she makes 3 dogs. The humans are officially outnumbered…

I. am. done. with. all. things. school.

Last December I ‘graduated’ from my naturopathic medicine program. But I still had to turn in a few papers. I finally taped myself to a chair long enough to write previously mentioned papers (torture), and turned them in. My degree (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, ND) should be recorded in two weeks! Next up licensing boards in August!


Getting Doctoral Hood – It’s a Thing. Also Pictured, Dr Tammy Ashney and Amy Peterson-Case PhD

I found a new certification that I want to get….so not quite done with the learning.

When I was a fresh faced college newbie, I started out in athletic training, and wanted to be a trainer for the Seattle Mariners. Long-story made short…I didn’t want the lifestyle of a trainer, always traveling with the team and being away from family. So I changed and studied health education. Fast forward, and I still find myself drawn to fitness, and the care of athletes. I love working with motivated people, and I have decided I want to learn more about sports nutrition specifically, to help me be better prepared to work with athletes.

*Fun fact: My favorite sport to watch is college football. GO BEAVERS! Spring Game is right around the corner. 

Oh My Quad Becky…


Mark and I are still going to they gym regularly, and enjoying our time. But I have been a little sporadic the last few weeks with all the other things happening in life. Last week, after not doing any squats for 2 weeks, I decided to jump on and see what I could do. I wasn’t going for a max weight (is that what the kids are calling it these days?), but I did a new personal best of…wait for it…80 lbs. Then I couldn’t walk for 3 days. I found myself cursing this beautiful new house I have (3 floors) and dropping things and leaving them on the floor, because it was easier to not pick them up. I am feeling much better this week, and hope to give it another shot next week.

Summer Like Weather

The last few weeks have been absolutely beautiful! We have even had a few 80 degree days! A couple of weeks ago we got out for a hike that was just a few miles long, but beautiful. I think I have mentioned the Tillamook State Forest before, and how I love how close it is. Although this hike was only a few miles, it was wonderful to get out and get some fresh air. 


SO that is the update for now. What have you been up to the last few weeks?



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