Welcome Back to Tuesday

What a wonderful weekend!

Coming back at ya on Tuesday, because Monday was a holiday and Mark had the day off. So here are the highlights from the weekend.

Food As Medicine Everyday Symposium: Saturday and Sunday I got to sit and soak in some wonderful lectures about nutrition and using it as a form of medicine in practice. The conference was created for Naturopaths and Chiropractors, however there were Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Registered Dietitians and many other providers. Speakers covered epigenetics (the ability of the our grandma’s and grandpa’s food choices to affect our DNA), eating to reduce arthritis pain, using herbal medicine in food (herbal jello shots are a thing!), and the effect of food allergies and sensitivities to influence our mental health. I left Sunday afternoon with a full heart. After the last year of school I was very jaded and felt distant from natural medicine. The conference gave me some hope and I am starting to get a little excited for the chance of opening my own practice soon.

I scored lots of freebies too – Bob’s Red Mill is a founding sponsor for the Food As Medicine Institute, and they gifted attendees samples of multiple grains, oatmeal and their protein powder. I also got some RxBars, fruit, Nourish Me Powder, and some Herb Pharm breath spray (not pictured).

Good Neighbors: Sunday night we decided to go to the grocery store and get stuff for a picnic (see below) and as I started the car I saw the neighbors crossing the street and walking up to our door to ring the bell. So we hopped out and went up to meet them. Since moving into the neighborhood in December, we have only met a few of our neighbors, but we are all new, as all houses were all built within the last year. Anyway…the point is they brought us treats! Cupcakes, cookies and brownies. Although it isn’t stuff that I normally eat (I am positive it wasn’t gfdf), I licked all the frosting off, and it was delicious. I ♥ frosting. We are thinking that we might have to have a dinner party to get to know some of our neighbors a little better. Treats are so good!

Indoor Picnic: We are not big on Valentine’s Day in our house. We had no plans and didn’t do any ‘gifts’ as we both prefer food. We decided to have some light fare and watch some Fringe. Food included tangelo slices, kumquats, dried sour cherries, Follow Your Heart cheese for me, Taleggio cheese for Mark, gf flat bread for me, thin crackers for Mark, paté, and some capicola. All finished with chocolate – dark for me and milk for him. By the way, Madecasse 80% is the best chocolate! It was a perfect low key evening.

Gym, Juice, Vinyl: Good lifting session for legs. I only started lifting weights in January, but I love it. Today’s keeping it real fact = I was not consistent working out while I was in medical school. At a time when I was suppose to be learning all about health and how to stay health and prevent disease…I couldn’t take care of myself in that way. So this Monday I felt good enough about my form that I added weight to my squats. Yippy! It was only a little, but ya gotta start somewhere. As we were leaving the gym I saw on the board “Do you even lift bro?” Heck ya. Later in the day we tried out a juice bar called Juice it Up. I am not a huge juice fan. Lots of calories, not a lot of fiber, but it was refreshing, and tasty and a good treat. Next was a trip to the the music store to get some vinyl. All from the 80’s. Love the 80’s era of music – it energizes me. Our haul included some Pat Benatar, John Cougar Mellencamp, Night Rider and a couple others.



Mug-obsession: I got a new mug recently – He is Remy the Raccoon. And I love him. He is actually a bowl (he has no handle), but I am still drinking coffee from him. I love my coffee and having a fun mug to drink it out of makes it taste even better. He has a friend, Frannie the Fox that I am going to try to track down next.


Remy doesn’t care about my eyebrows, but they could use a little help. #keepinitreal

I hope to type up some of my notes from the conference this weekend – any topic in particular you would like to know about from the ones I listed above?

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