Fab Friday #1

Woohoo for the weekend! Got any good plans?

This week has been pretty low key. I had some rough days in there (only one emotional breakdown/ cry fest), but overall the week is ending on a good note. Here are the 5 fab things from the week.

  1. Beach Trip: On Tuesday night I decided to drive to the beach on Wednesday morning to go see Laura a friend from school. Laura lives on the Northern Coast of Oregon so we met up in Cannon Beach, just about the middle, for some coffee and to catch up. The beach was crazy windy (per Oregon Coast WInter standards) and also rainy. It was soooo good to catch up with someone I spent so much of the last quarter with.Beach
  2. Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Almonds: The best. On my last trip to Costco, I picked these babies up on a whim while Mark was ushering us towards the line. A little sweet treat that also provides some healthy fats and my favorite salty sweet combo is a wonderful thing. Little Changes Tip: To keep from eating the whole bag in one week make a portion control bags. Easy to grab from the pantry and will help keep you from devouring 1/3 of the contents mindlessly while watching TV or reading.
  3. LaCroix: I know I am not alone on this one. Flavored water is my favorite. But maybe not this one. I am still on the fence. On my most recent trip to target I bought three different flavors. My regular grocery store only carries 1-2, and that is if they have it in stock at all, so I thought I would branch out.  Coconut is by far the most popular flavor in my house. What is your favorite flavor? Least favorite?LaCroix
  4. Deck of Death: A thing my husband spoke of. Which we will not choose to speak of again after this. It was DEATH. One of the best workouts I have had in awhile. In the end you end up doing a lot of squats, sit-ups, mountain climbers and burpees. I won’t tell you how many, because otherwise…you might not give it a shot. Trust me you should. And then never speak of it again. In between drawing cards you will utter profanities ← Sorry Mom! (IE…when the king of Hearts comes up = 13 burpees – but hey, we ♥ burpees), but in the end you will feel like you cheated death. Now go do this workout. If you don’t want a workout that is as leg heavy, consider swapping lunges or squats for sit-ups. Side note, have you ever looked at the king of hearts? I don’t think he doesn’t like burpees either.  DOD4
  5. Food as Medicine Everyday Conference: I’m almost a professional. So I do professional things. This weekend I am luck to attend the 3rd Food as Medicine Symposium at my old school. I am really excited about getting to learn some more about my favorite subject from school – nutrition. The conference will host some amazing speakers including NDs, DCs, and PhD scholars who specialize in nutrition and epigenetics, nutrition for athletes (most favorite branch of nutrition), food allergies and emotional dysregulation and more. I am really looking forward to the chance to learn. Just for fun. Because it interestes me. No test. No sign in for attendance. I just get to go and be. I hope to take some good notes and share some of the things I learned. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Any good workouts or learning sessions planned?

Thanks to Katie at running4cupcakes@gmail.com for the hook up!

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