Newsies – Round 2

Job. Done. Learned a little, made some money….but overall, not worth it.

Study for boards. Never Done. Only 3 more weeks. Yikes. Prayers would be appreciated as I prepare for this 3 day exam! So much to cover and only 21 more days to cover it in!


Herbs and their Common Names

Drinking all the coffee. Always. Still adding collagen peptides and almond milk. IMG_4039

Cleaning up after the pups. Never done. We now have 4 dogs (yes 4!) in the house, while Mark’s brother and brother’s wife live with us for the next few months. There is always dog hair on everything. I think it is a subtle reminder that I can’t clean all the time and that I am NOT IN CONTROL. Although, one time I did try to be in control and shaved one of the dogs, he wasn’t thrilled with me, and it didn’t solve the problem.

Vacation is less than 100 days away. Soon I will be relaxing and enjoying European chocolate, sleeping in every day without dogs to wake me and reading on my balcony. It will be a nice chance to have someone else cook and clean for me, and just to relax.

That’s all for now. I will have a few other drafts of posts that I am working on, but I likely won’t release them until after boards are over. Sorry. I have done enough procrastinating for a lifetime over this test!



Here we go! Ready for more updates?

I got a job. I was hired last week as a Medical Assistant at a clinic last week. The position is just temporary, as I am covering for a wonderful lady while she is going out on maternity leave. I am going to have some big shoes to fill. She is amazing at her job and a rock star with patients. It has been a difficult transition emotionally, going from ‘doctor’ to ‘assistant’ but I am glad I get to work with the patient population I am serving. There are some very broken people at my work and it has been a blessing to pray for them every morning.

I am going to Chicago. My parents moved to a suburb outside of chicago last December. I am going to visit my mom for mother’s day weekend and to sleep and eat popcorn. She said she would…no…promised she would take me to the Orville Redenbacher popcorn factory. I love popcorn, even though It. Doesn’t. Love. Me. Does anyone else remember these commercials?

Giving up Grains. I have had a lot of GI issues, which I am slowly figuring out. Last month I gave up grains (and sugar) for 30 days. My GI health improved significantly. After my trip to popcorn heaven next week, I am going to cut them out of my diet again and look forward to seeing some improvements again.

Elimination Diets. Arguably, one of the most difficult things I have coached patients on. Elimination diets are used as a tool to evaluate for food sensitivities and can be one of the more difficult things a doctor asks a patient to embark on. Frequently, an elimination diet is completed over a 4-6 week period of time, and the 8 most common allergens are removed. Elimination diets are difficult, and the best thing you can do, participating in one, or guiding a patient in one, is to start of by gathering resources. Against All Grain is one of my favorite cookbook. Danielle provides many delicious looking recipes, that are grain and dairy free, two of the more common allergens.

So….those are some of the main things happening in my world. My trip is a little later this week, and as I am kind of limited in what I can eat, I will do a short post on my travel tips for gluten and dairy free options, as well as how I stay hydrated and caffeinated for a long day of travel….HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!


Sun Puppy


Wow. That was another long break. I thought we were done with those. There has been a lot going on, so I am going to spend today catching you up.


Her name is Molly and I am in love. I got her from a shelter and she is about 5 months old now. I was told she was a corgi mix, but I am not buying it. She is definitely part terrier and part chihuahua. The rest, I am not so sure about. She is just too tall for corgi. She is the new princess in the house, taking toys from her big brother and not coming when she is called. In case you were trying to do some math, she makes 3 dogs. The humans are officially outnumbered…

I. am. done. with. all. things. school.

Last December I ‘graduated’ from my naturopathic medicine program. But I still had to turn in a few papers. I finally taped myself to a chair long enough to write previously mentioned papers (torture), and turned them in. My degree (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, ND) should be recorded in two weeks! Next up licensing boards in August!


Getting Doctoral Hood – It’s a Thing. Also Pictured, Dr Tammy Ashney and Amy Peterson-Case PhD

I found a new certification that I want to get….so not quite done with the learning.

When I was a fresh faced college newbie, I started out in athletic training, and wanted to be a trainer for the Seattle Mariners. Long-story made short…I didn’t want the lifestyle of a trainer, always traveling with the team and being away from family. So I changed and studied health education. Fast forward, and I still find myself drawn to fitness, and the care of athletes. I love working with motivated people, and I have decided I want to learn more about sports nutrition specifically, to help me be better prepared to work with athletes.

*Fun fact: My favorite sport to watch is college football. GO BEAVERS! Spring Game is right around the corner. 

Oh My Quad Becky…


Mark and I are still going to they gym regularly, and enjoying our time. But I have been a little sporadic the last few weeks with all the other things happening in life. Last week, after not doing any squats for 2 weeks, I decided to jump on and see what I could do. I wasn’t going for a max weight (is that what the kids are calling it these days?), but I did a new personal best of…wait for it…80 lbs. Then I couldn’t walk for 3 days. I found myself cursing this beautiful new house I have (3 floors) and dropping things and leaving them on the floor, because it was easier to not pick them up. I am feeling much better this week, and hope to give it another shot next week.

Summer Like Weather

The last few weeks have been absolutely beautiful! We have even had a few 80 degree days! A couple of weeks ago we got out for a hike that was just a few miles long, but beautiful. I think I have mentioned the Tillamook State Forest before, and how I love how close it is. Although this hike was only a few miles, it was wonderful to get out and get some fresh air. 


SO that is the update for now. What have you been up to the last few weeks?



Welcome Back to Tuesday

What a wonderful weekend!

Coming back at ya on Tuesday, because Monday was a holiday and Mark had the day off. So here are the highlights from the weekend.

Food As Medicine Everyday Symposium: Saturday and Sunday I got to sit and soak in some wonderful lectures about nutrition and using it as a form of medicine in practice. The conference was created for Naturopaths and Chiropractors, however there were Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Registered Dietitians and many other providers. Speakers covered epigenetics (the ability of the our grandma’s and grandpa’s food choices to affect our DNA), eating to reduce arthritis pain, using herbal medicine in food (herbal jello shots are a thing!), and the effect of food allergies and sensitivities to influence our mental health. I left Sunday afternoon with a full heart. After the last year of school I was very jaded and felt distant from natural medicine. The conference gave me some hope and I am starting to get a little excited for the chance of opening my own practice soon.

I scored lots of freebies too – Bob’s Red Mill is a founding sponsor for the Food As Medicine Institute, and they gifted attendees samples of multiple grains, oatmeal and their protein powder. I also got some RxBars, fruit, Nourish Me Powder, and some Herb Pharm breath spray (not pictured).

Good Neighbors: Sunday night we decided to go to the grocery store and get stuff for a picnic (see below) and as I started the car I saw the neighbors crossing the street and walking up to our door to ring the bell. So we hopped out and went up to meet them. Since moving into the neighborhood in December, we have only met a few of our neighbors, but we are all new, as all houses were all built within the last year. Anyway…the point is they brought us treats! Cupcakes, cookies and brownies. Although it isn’t stuff that I normally eat (I am positive it wasn’t gfdf), I licked all the frosting off, and it was delicious. I ♥ frosting. We are thinking that we might have to have a dinner party to get to know some of our neighbors a little better. Treats are so good!

Indoor Picnic: We are not big on Valentine’s Day in our house. We had no plans and didn’t do any ‘gifts’ as we both prefer food. We decided to have some light fare and watch some Fringe. Food included tangelo slices, kumquats, dried sour cherries, Follow Your Heart cheese for me, Taleggio cheese for Mark, gf flat bread for me, thin crackers for Mark, paté, and some capicola. All finished with chocolate – dark for me and milk for him. By the way, Madecasse 80% is the best chocolate! It was a perfect low key evening.

Gym, Juice, Vinyl: Good lifting session for legs. I only started lifting weights in January, but I love it. Today’s keeping it real fact = I was not consistent working out while I was in medical school. At a time when I was suppose to be learning all about health and how to stay health and prevent disease…I couldn’t take care of myself in that way. So this Monday I felt good enough about my form that I added weight to my squats. Yippy! It was only a little, but ya gotta start somewhere. As we were leaving the gym I saw on the board “Do you even lift bro?” Heck ya. Later in the day we tried out a juice bar called Juice it Up. I am not a huge juice fan. Lots of calories, not a lot of fiber, but it was refreshing, and tasty and a good treat. Next was a trip to the the music store to get some vinyl. All from the 80’s. Love the 80’s era of music – it energizes me. Our haul included some Pat Benatar, John Cougar Mellencamp, Night Rider and a couple others.



Mug-obsession: I got a new mug recently – He is Remy the Raccoon. And I love him. He is actually a bowl (he has no handle), but I am still drinking coffee from him. I love my coffee and having a fun mug to drink it out of makes it taste even better. He has a friend, Frannie the Fox that I am going to try to track down next.


Remy doesn’t care about my eyebrows, but they could use a little help. #keepinitreal

I hope to type up some of my notes from the conference this weekend – any topic in particular you would like to know about from the ones I listed above?

Fab Friday #1

Woohoo for the weekend! Got any good plans?

This week has been pretty low key. I had some rough days in there (only one emotional breakdown/ cry fest), but overall the week is ending on a good note. Here are the 5 fab things from the week.

  1. Beach Trip: On Tuesday night I decided to drive to the beach on Wednesday morning to go see Laura a friend from school. Laura lives on the Northern Coast of Oregon so we met up in Cannon Beach, just about the middle, for some coffee and to catch up. The beach was crazy windy (per Oregon Coast WInter standards) and also rainy. It was soooo good to catch up with someone I spent so much of the last quarter with.Beach
  2. Sea Salt Chocolate Covered Almonds: The best. On my last trip to Costco, I picked these babies up on a whim while Mark was ushering us towards the line. A little sweet treat that also provides some healthy fats and my favorite salty sweet combo is a wonderful thing. Little Changes Tip: To keep from eating the whole bag in one week make a portion control bags. Easy to grab from the pantry and will help keep you from devouring 1/3 of the contents mindlessly while watching TV or reading.
  3. LaCroix: I know I am not alone on this one. Flavored water is my favorite. But maybe not this one. I am still on the fence. On my most recent trip to target I bought three different flavors. My regular grocery store only carries 1-2, and that is if they have it in stock at all, so I thought I would branch out.  Coconut is by far the most popular flavor in my house. What is your favorite flavor? Least favorite?LaCroix
  4. Deck of Death: A thing my husband spoke of. Which we will not choose to speak of again after this. It was DEATH. One of the best workouts I have had in awhile. In the end you end up doing a lot of squats, sit-ups, mountain climbers and burpees. I won’t tell you how many, because otherwise…you might not give it a shot. Trust me you should. And then never speak of it again. In between drawing cards you will utter profanities ← Sorry Mom! (IE…when the king of Hearts comes up = 13 burpees – but hey, we ♥ burpees), but in the end you will feel like you cheated death. Now go do this workout. If you don’t want a workout that is as leg heavy, consider swapping lunges or squats for sit-ups. Side note, have you ever looked at the king of hearts? I don’t think he doesn’t like burpees either.  DOD4
  5. Food as Medicine Everyday Conference: I’m almost a professional. So I do professional things. This weekend I am luck to attend the 3rd Food as Medicine Symposium at my old school. I am really excited about getting to learn some more about my favorite subject from school – nutrition. The conference will host some amazing speakers including NDs, DCs, and PhD scholars who specialize in nutrition and epigenetics, nutrition for athletes (most favorite branch of nutrition), food allergies and emotional dysregulation and more. I am really looking forward to the chance to learn. Just for fun. Because it interestes me. No test. No sign in for attendance. I just get to go and be. I hope to take some good notes and share some of the things I learned. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Any good workouts or learning sessions planned?

Thanks to Katie at for the hook up!

The Happenins of the Weekend

This weekend was great! Spent quality time with family, the pups, eating good food and resting.

Friday was standard gym – food – rest. I’ve come to really enjoy the slow paced evening, getting in a good session at the gym, coming home and making a good dinner from scratch (←this has not been happening much lately #keepinitreal) then watching a movie and falling asleep by 10, really helps prepare me for the weekend. The gym was good, but I was so sore from my workout on Thursday, it was hard to feel effective in what I was doing Friday night. Do you ever have such a good biceps workout that you can’t straighten your arm the next day? This was me. I started following a workout by Tyler English and it has been pretty effective, really more challenging than anything I have done before. No veins have been noted yet, but I am still enjoying the feeling of work. Got a little more time to spend in the gym before things get ‘serious.’

Dinner was a white bean and ham soup with lots of veggies. I hope to have the recipe on the blog later this week. Stay tuned!


Saturday was a slow and relaxed morning, some early afternoon exploring, including the a new-to-me library and shopping center, an afternoon trip to the gym with a spin workout, followed by showers and a nap. I have been getting some new to me CD’s from the library and most recently my favorite has been the Beastie Boys Solid Gold Album. I took it and made a spin workout this weekend. I have probably completed less than a dozen spin workouts in my lifetime, but always enjoy them when I am able to do them. This particular workout was also awesome because no one else was in the classroom. I got to have the lights out and just do my thing. Mark snapped a picture of me at the end. Would you be interested in my workout? I could type it up and share it if you would like.


Need to work on my form!

Sunday morning started with a huge conflict. The pups woke me 14 minutes before my alarm went off, and I was confronted with the decision to turn my alarm off and skip out on the planned walk/run. I let them out, got them breakfast and climbed back in bed, only to have my alarm go off 3 minutes and 24 seconds later. I got Mark up with me, and we both drank a shot of espresso and set out on our walk/run. It was a beautiful morning. I snapped this photo of my unwilling partner prior to start. He loves hanging out with me.

Woke Up Like This

#keepinitreal #wokeuplikethis

Lastly, congrats to Payton and the Broncos! The Super Bowl was fun to watch with family, and the Broncos defence stole the show. I ate way too much and enjoyed every bite! Here you can see Icarus excited for the halftime show. Everyone else impressed as much as him?


Are you happy with the Broncos win? Would you like a soup recipe and a rockin’ spin workout?




Thank goodness for the weekend!

FOOTBALL! Although, I am not working and not in school anymore…so every day is kind of like a weekend. The plans are pretty low key, going to do some work around the house (hang up pictures, build some book cases ect), and watch some football. It is kind of sad that this will be the last weekend until the fall. I might have to find a new hobby. I am rooting for the Broncos this weekend. I don’t have “a team,” but they are one of my favorites. I think Manning is a pretty stand up guy who has done pretty well. I am glad he is on the mend again, and well enough to be playing this weekend. Plus, he looks like my future dog. Bonus.


Snacks are going to be low key – some meatballs, buffalo cauliflower bites, chips and salsa, and whatever else people bring. 

HAIR! I got my hair cut and colored this weekend. I am a natural blond, but recently have started coloring it ‘caramel.’ What color is caramel? Not blond, not brunette, not red, but it is a little of all of them, of them. If you are curious about this previously mentioned natural blond hair check out my About page. I saw a new hair stylist who did a wonderful job! She is located at the Mint Beauty Lounge in Portland, OR and her name is Natasha. Go see her. Please don’t mock my selfie skills. And no, I didn’t get in a fight. My lips are super chapped this winter! 


CHAPSTICK! I had no idea I had so many tubes of chapstick and lip balms. You would think I could prevent the previous mentioned splitting by using it more frequently, but nope. A quick walk around the house produced 12 different tubes. I think part of the problem is that the air in the house is pretty dry. I am considering a humidifier for the bedroom. Thoughts?

SELF-CARE! I got a text from a friend that I graduated ND school with this past December. She is in the middle of taking her licensing boards. The test is 3 full days long and studying usually occurs over a minimum of 3 months. When I got her text I was kind of surprised that it was already time for the winter boards. I elected to take them this summer to allow myself to recover over the next 6 months. In our conversation she asked what I have been up to lately and It caused me to think a little. I have been reading, resting (napping), going to the gym (4 weeks now…most consistency in more than 5 years!), cooking good food, and learning for fun. What a way to celebrate the last 4 years. Yeah, there is some guilt about not doing much, but at the same time, The last 4 years I sacrificed so much to complete my degree, I am glad that I am able to take this break. It will allow me to go into studying for the test with some excitement about the next phase of my life. 

What are you up to this weekend? Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Is watching the Super Bowl a part of your self care?

Thanks to Katie for the link up!